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InQpharm is an innovation-driven pharmaceutical company, which works synergistically with a global network of technology and commercialisation partners to develop and market unique, safe, and effective therapeutic compounds and products using ingredients from natural sources.

As a result of an extensive research and development programme, InQpharm has a fast-growing portfolio of patented and patent-pending platform technologies. These cutting-edge technologies offer groundbreaking opportunities for the development and commercialisation of innovative ‘best-in-class’ products in areas of high unmet needs.

Our Technomarkers: A mark of guaranteed quality

InQpharm’s pharmaceutical innovation is reflected in its game-changing platform technologies. These technologies are represented by technomarkers for easy identification and act as a safety and efficacy assurance for our proprietary ingredients, whether they are used in our own brands or those of our partners.


Patented and trademarked, our proprietary ingredients are the result of many years of research and development. Their efficacy is validated through many clinical studies and they are exclusively formulated through standardised and proprietary technology.

All InQpharm products that are manufactured and distributed worldwide contain a technomarker.

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