Redusure™ helps control appetite and hunger-pangs

Redusure™ exerts its effect through mechanisms that are defined by satiety,
appetite and hunger.

Redusure™ promotes a pleasant feeling of satiety through a dual-action mechanism

1. Increase in gastric distension results in stomach feeling full
Redusure™ contains a proprietary complex of dietary fibres that absorb water and swell to 200 times its original size to form a highly viscous and indigestible gel that fills up to 43% of the stomach. The gel expands in the stomach (gastric distension), and provides consumers with a feeling of fullness.

2. Delay in gastric emptying leads to reduced food intake
The viscous and indigestible gel formed from the fibres in Redusure™ slows down the food movement as it travels from the stomach to the duodenum (gastric emptying), thereby inducing a feeling of fullness for a longer duration. This way, smaller meal portions will be consumed. 

Redusure™ helps to control appetite and hunger-pangs by balancing blood glucose response

Redusure™ also forms a viscous gel that surrounds the food consumed. This slows down both the digestion and absorption of glucose, leading to:
  • a flattened blood glucose response that prevents the sudden surge of plasma insulin levels, which helps curb hunger-pangs and food cravings; and
  • prolonged blood glucose response that promotes satiety and helps control appetite.



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